Sunday, September 7, 2008


The Foshay Tower (reflected), which has been vacant for sometime, has recently re-opened as a snazzy W Hotel. So snazzy that a lot of the big shooters in the Republican Party and the media stayed there over the past week. This picture is fitting as today my internet service has returned after being vacant for sometime! I should be posting regularly again from now on, unless Qwest fails me again...


Laurie said...

HOpe your connectivity lasts. This shot is gorgeous! The clouds in black and white really make the shot. Tell me they aren't photoshopped in... :-)

Meg in Nelson said...

Back when my parents lived in the Twin Cities, Foshey was the only thing "soaring" in towards the sky - hard to imagine it having bee vacant, but I'm so glad it's now refurbished.

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